Mastering Architectural Designing and Walkthrough Animation in Blender - Malayalam

Get the Best out of Blender and Become a Professional Designer

Language: Malayalam

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Package Contents

Learning 3D Architectural Visualisation and Walkthrough Animation in Blender - Malayalam Course
Sixon C Sunny
Blender 3D Architecture Designing - Malayalam Course
Sixon C Sunny
Basics of Blender Explained in Malayalam
Sixon C Sunny

Why this course?


What will students learn in the course?

Learn 3D Architecture Designing in Blender from Beginner to Professional level and learn the basics to advanced techniques in blender 2.8 and become an expert in using it.

  • Import Cad drawing into Blender and do Precision Modeling as per Required Dimensions
  • Create a Detailed House Model as per Drawing and Give Textures
  • Creating Landscape and Lighting up the Scene with HDRI Lighting Setup
  • Importing models from other 3d software and giving materials to models 
  • Create grass and use Particle Systems to apply grass
  • Rendering the Scene in Daylight and Night Lighting Environment
  • Walkthrough Animation and Camera Movements


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • The Course is in Malayalam Language. Should Know Malayalam Language
  • Should Know the basic standard measurements and terms used in architecture designing
  • Should be able to understand the cad drawings


Who are the target students?

  • People who are interested in learning 3D architectural designing using Blender 2.8 series
  • People who want to learn blender from beginner to advanced level Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering
  • People who want to migrate from other 3D architectural designing software like 3ds max or Sketchup
  • People who are looking for free alternatives software for 3D architectural designing

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