Blender 3D Architecture Designing Course - Beginner to Pro

Get to Professional Level Architectural Designing - The best choice for an inspiring career in 3D Architectural Visualization

Language: English

Total Course Duration: 6 Hours

Instructors: Sixon C Sunny

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Course Feedback

Why this course?


What will students learn in the course?

Learn 3D Architecture Designing in Blender 2.8 from Beginner to Professional level and learn the basics to advanced techniques in blender 2.8 and become an expert in using it.

  • Import Cad drawing into Blender and do Precision Modeling as per Required Dimensions
  • Create a Detailed House Model as per Drawing and Give Textures
  • Creating Landscape and Lighting up the Scene with HDRI Lighting Setup
  • Create grass and use Particle Systems to apply grass
  • Rendering the Scene in Daylight and Night Lighting Environment


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Should Know the basic standard measurements and terms used in architecture designing
  • Should be able to understand the cad drawings


Who are the target students?

  • People who are interested in learning 3D architectural designing using Blender 2.8 series
  • People who want to learn blender from beginner to advanced level Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering
  • People who want to migrate from other 3D architectural designing software like 3ds max or Sketchup
  • People who are looking for free alternatives software for 3D architectural designing

Course Curriculum

01: Introduction
01.01 - What can you expect out of this course and how we go about it Preview
02: Importing and Aligning an Autocad Plan
02.01 - How to import a cad drawing from a cad software into blender 2.8 (6:00)
02.02 - How to arrange the plan and elevation drawing in blender 2.8 (2:00) Preview
03: Creating Structure of Building
03.01 - How to create the wall structure in Blender using Solidify Modifier (6:00)
03.02 - How to create window and door openings using boolean modifier (17:00)
03.03 - How to create plinth for the house and arrange floors on top of that using snap (13:00)
04: Creating Windows and Doors and Organising It
04.01 - Modeling Customized Windows in blender 2.8 (Detailed Modeling) (22:00)
04.02 - Modeling Customized Door in blender 2.8 (Detailed Modeling) (7:00)
04.03 - Organizing the objects into different collections (3:00) Preview
05: Creating Roof Structure
05.01 - Creating roof structure in blender (Detailed Modeling) - Part 1 (16:00)
05.02 - Creating roof structure in blender (Detailed Modeling) - Part 2 (11:00)
06: Assigning Materials to Doors, Windows & Roof and Arranging it in Positions
06.01 - Assigning Materials to Windows using Smart UV Project Mapping (22:00)
06.02 - Assigning Materials to Door using Smart UV Project Mapping (4:00)
06.03 - Arranging Doors and Windows in Respective Openings as per Sizes (9:00)
06.04 - Assigning Materials to Roof using Magic UV Addon (12:00)
07: Creating and Assigning Materials to Pillars and other Design Elements
07.01 - Creating Pillars for the House and Assigning Materials (15:00)
07.02 - Creating Design Elements And Additional Design Features - Part 1 (30:00)
07.03 - Creating Design Elements and Additional Design Features - Part 2 (20:00)
07.04 - Creating Design Elements and Additional Design Features - Part 3 (29:00)
08: Adding HDRI background And adding Sunlight
08.01 - Giving HDRI Background and Adding Sunlight (5:00)
09: Landscaping
09.01 - Creating Landscape Design for the House (17:00)
09.02 - Creating Grass Model and Applying Grass Particles in the Landscape Area (11:00)
09.03 - Linking and Adding Downloaded Trees Plants and Car into the Scene (23:00)
10: Lighting and Rendering
10.01 - Doing Test Renders and Adjusting the Final Scene (8:00)
10.02 - Adjusting Render Settings for Final Output and Rendering the Day Light Render (7:00)
10.03 - Adding Additional Lights And Hdri Map For Night Lighting-1 (23:00)
10.04 - Doing Final Adjustments and Rendering Out the Night Scene (15:00)
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