Learn the Basics of Blender for Beginners

Learn the basics and start creating stunning 3D designs using Blender

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Language: English

Total Course Duration: 2 Hours

Instructors: Sixon C Sunny


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Why this course?


What will students learn in the course?

  • Learn the basics of Blender interface and tools and start using blender
  • Learn how to do basics of Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering in Blender

Who are the target students?

  • People who want to learn the basics of blender from beginner level Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering
  • People who want to migrate from other 3D architectural designing software like 3ds max or Sketchup
  • People who are looking for free alternatives software for 3D architectural designing


Course Curriculum

01.01 - Basics of Blender for Beginners - Introduction
01.02 - From where can you download and install blender 2.8 and its system requirements (5:00)
Basics Of Blender
02.01 - Blender Interface and its Customization (7:00)
02.02 - How to Zoom Orbit and Pan in Blender Interface - Different Methods and Shortcuts (4:00)
02.03 - How to Move Rotate and Scale in Blender (5:00)
02.04 - How to Add Arrange and Snap Objects in Blender using different methods (6:00)
02.05 - How to use Vertex Edge and Face Modes in Blender (4:00)
02.06- How to use different modeling tools in blender (9:00)
02.07 - How to use different modifiers in Blender (6:00)
02.08 - How to activate addons in blender (6:00)
02.09 - How to set Your Customized Settings as Default in Blender (5:00)
02.10 - How to add and assign material and start giving colors to objects (6:00)
02.11 - How to give textures & effects to objects using Shader Editor (14:00)
02.12 - How to use uv mapping in blender using node wrangler and magic uv addon (8:00)
02.13 - How to add and use different types of lights in blender (15:00)
02.14 - How to add and control multiple cameras in blender (5:00)

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